Hauling smart — often high, wide and ugly, too — with Owner-Operator of the Year Kevin Kocmich

kevin komich's 2020 peterbilt 567 with xl specialized rgn

The complications that can be brought on by any overdimensional load’s permitted complexity are many, making for a cumbersome process when it comes to weighing whether the price of any load is worth the effort and cost put in. In this week's Overdrive Radio, hear witness Kocmich's mastery of such deliberations.

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‘We’re supposed to be in this thing together’: Level 3 inspection advice and more with Kansas trooper

This edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast features a talk with Kansas trooper Nick Wright, with answers to a variety of inspection-related questions, including preparedness insights, just how to approach an ELD annotations, and why an inspector may in fact run out of clean-inspection decals.

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‘Twice as good’: Rico Muhammad on race-related opportunity barriers, trucking or otherwise

A discussion on Overdrive Radio of opportunity barriers that exist for many in Black communities where, owner-op Muhammad says, folks growing up may be counseled that they must be "twice as good" as white counterparts to achieve the same level of success.

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Having the ‘difficult conversations’: Race in trucking, wider U.S. culture with owner-op Rico Muhammad

owner-operator Rico Muhammad

In this week's Overdrive Radio, the owner-op speaks to the significance of the movement that's grown nationally in response to killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, among other atrocities, including his own experience from a young age of the realities of majority American culture and society.

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Transparency in high demand, though seldom formally sought from this broker: Part 2 with Paul Berman

semi trucks driving on hood river bridge in Oregon

How often has Berman had an owner-operator request to review a freight transaction record under 371.3? Very rarely, and when it happens, his company requires an in-person review in an effort to control the information as much as possible to satisfy shipper nondisclosure demands. More on broker evaluating and vetting, too, in this edition of Overdrive Radio.

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Transparency, history, strategy from the other side of the fence with a food-industry broker — part 1

Listen: As the crisis of the last two months has done so much to expose bad actors among brokerages and spur a push for market fairness, Part 1 of the views from a longtime broker (and onetime former owner-operator), East Coast Transport's Paul Berman, in trucking since the 1970s.

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Sleeper splits toward ‘Knights of the Highway’ reawakening? A talk with ‘Trucker’s Tale’ memoir author Ed Miller

Ed Miller's “A Trucker’s Tale” memoir is a well-crafted, intimate portrait of a life lived in trucking, from Miller's time as a kid in Western North Carolina changing tires for his family's trucking company '50s and early '60s, to the driver’s seat himself stateside and in Vietnam as a Navy Seabee and more -- 60 years' worth all told. Also, more views on split-sleeper changes from readers.

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D.C. protests, broker transparency, hours changes and more with independent Bryan Hutchens

For this edition of Overdrive Radio, independent owner-operator Bryan Hutchens details his take on the issues discussed by D.C. demonstrators on the days he joined them this week. Also, what else? The hours of service changes set to go into effect as early as September, if things hold.

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Words to truck by: ‘You will never, ever come out ahead running at a loss’

Independents Daniel and Phyllis Snow have been at home for going on a month now as rates and available freight volumes have fallen and what Snow calls a veritable epidemic of "bad business" (extending from brokers to shippers and receivers and carriers, too) has taken hold.

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A tough week’s diversion with music, trucking in pursuit of truth

Following what has been perhaps the toughest week for trucking as an owner-operator in the last decade, this edition of Overdrive Radio offers some diversion, hopefully, via an interview with (and music from) Haley Fohr of Chicago-based Jackie Lynn, a band named for a character conceived as a long-hauler. Also: More tales from the road with our own Paul Marhoefer.

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